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    This is a famous eco-friendly brand of children clothing for various ages. Leggings, tops, jackets, hats and even more option could be found in the collections from Egg. Babygrows by Egg would be perfect for babies, made of cotton composition, it would be utterly tender towards child’s skin, causing no irritations. The press buttons between legs would contribute to the easy changing of the diapers. To guarantee comfort and warmth to your cutie outside – you could consider woolen pink mouse trapper hat, cool mouse ears would look charming and fleece inside inserts would add to warmth and comfort. Leggings are great for a girl of any age – thus red animal print leggings from Egg by Susan Lazar would add a bright note to the wardrobe of your small princess and become one of your favorite outfits for cold weather. Knit dresses by Egg are the perfect choice for winter or beginning of spring, they are warm and cozy, at the same time feminine and versatile. Long-sleeve navy and red stripe knitted dress from Egg could be worn every day, as well as for some special occasion. If you don’t like dark color- there is grey long-sleeve jersey dress with fortune teller graphic print.

    Online shopping for baby and kids wear

    If you are new in online shopping you will be surprised how it is easy to buy something seating in your comfortable home chair or even lying down in the bed. There is no need to visit some shopping malls, stand in long lines when sales seasons come. If you have baby or kid you know that it may be a challenge to buy something when you have a pushchair or just active child. Online shopping allows you to shop even at night when all your family is sleeping!

    If you want to buy Egg kidswear or any other designer you can visit our online boutique and search for the best deals.

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