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    Dumye Dolls are associated with love, care and support, because the key concept of this designer is to present one doll to a small orphan girl in need, as soon as one is sold. The main aim is to provide support and care to those orphan children, living in poverty. Lovely and beautifully handcrafted rag dolls would be adored by any girl. There is a possibility to consider the client’s demands before producing the doll for him. All the rug dolls are handmade, which certainly adds to their uniqueness and meaningfulness. The application of the eco-friendly materials, natural dyes is of the highest importance to Dumye Dolls designer. The dolls could be washed in a machine, which is another advantage. If you are looking for a nice and touchy gift for a small girl, if you want her to be conscious of the contribution to the society, then you are welcome to make your choice. Variety of dresses, of hairdos would for sure provide a lot of space for your girl’s imagination. These rag dolls are great for taking them for a walk, to a kindergarten or to bed for a comfortable sleep. These dolls are suitable for girls over 3 years old.

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