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    The Ducati Company had its origins in 1926, when it was founded on July 4 by Ducati brothers (Bruno, Marcello and Adriano Ducati) in Bologna. First, their company produced electronics. After the war profile of their company immediately changed as electronics become less relevant. From this point Ducati factories began to produce motor bikes, and since 1952 the company began to manufacture motorcycles. However, like many other trading houses, Ducati is not limited to the production of legendary motorcycles. This brand is constantly improving, expanding its product range and developing new markets. So today under the Ducati brand the large number of thematic accessories, clothing and perfume is released. Ducati brand offers a big selection of genuine kid’s clothes. Ducati children clothing is made from the excellent quality fabrics and the finest materials. Ducati collections range from casual kid’s clothes to the protective motorcycle clothing. Clothing line for boys aged 4 to 8 years is focused on fashionistas who appreciate the speed, reliability, prefer an active lifestyle, as well as just motorcycle enthusiasts. The company produces a progressive new durable off-duty clothing line. Ergonomic, sports style, bright contrasting colors, confident lines are embodied in jeans, padded jackets, graphic T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts for boys and girls by Ducati.

    Ducati Kids Apparel

    Kids like Ducati for its bright red colored clothing and accessories. Most boys will be happy to get Ducati Corse Speed cap or T-shirt. But it is a mistake to think that Ducati proposes only boys apparel, you can find for example Ducatiana glitter girls T-shirts with branded logo.

    Ducati Baby Apparel

    If you like to acquaint your new born baby with Ducati brand name – this is not a problem, just buy him Ducati Corse sleepsuite, “bodies”, cartoon bibs or ankle socks. Usually, in their kids collections Ducati also proposes toys under their famous brand name, so your baby can now play with branded Ducati toys.

    All Ducati kids clothing are made with love and care. You’ll find only best materials and best sewing accessories in new collections by Ducati.

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