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    Natural materials, used for shell fabrics of the girls’ clothing, as well as for lining and padding guarantee, that you kid would feel comfortable and warm in it. In this section, we suggest checking various types of down padded, jackets and coats. Actually most parents choose this type of jackets for cold weather, because for smaller kids – it is really light and warm and not limiting their movements while walking; for teenagers – they are actual because most girls nowadays adore jeans and sportive wear for everyday activities. Down padded jackets would suit perfectly well in both cases. The short jackets from Young VersaceFendi, Brest, could be worn with warm jeans or trousers. The long coats, like those presented by Canzitex, Monnalisa or Liu-Jo would look great with skinny trousers or jeans and leggings. The color palette is endless, there are bright red jackets, with different shades of this color, beige, white, navy blue variants, providing the chance to choose any color you or your girl would like. Leopard prints from Roberto Cavalliare adored by many animal – friendly kids.

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