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    Djeco is considered to be one of the leading toys manufacturers in Europe. This designer is famous for using natural materials for the toys, providing the children with a wide range of opportunities for self expression and self realization. The best kids play experiences are related to this designer. As soon as a child appears in a family, one of the major tasks of the parents is to take care not only of his physical but also of his mental development. This was considered by Djeco, as the toys of this designer are not only entertaining but having also their educational value. Wooden puzzles by Djeco could be suggested to the children under one year. The bright details would for sure attract the attention of the child for a long time, the challenging task of matching the needed parts would contribute to his early studies about forms and sizes. The imagination of your child would also be involved. A friendly bright crocodile would become one of the best friends for your child, as soon as he learns about the functionality of this toy –with the help of the hammer it is necessary to hit the wooden pegs.

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