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    Most of the children, especially girls, like dancing, starting from an early age. As soon as parents take the decision to introduce their girl into the world of professional dance or ballet, there is a need in choosing the high quality, comfortable and durable clothing for the dance lessons. Dimensione Danza is one of the leading designers of sports clothing, which could be perfectly applied for leisure time and other activities as well. Girls collection consists of various styles, including leg-warmers, t-shirts tutus and so on. For baby girls, you will be able to choose a pair of bright and comfortable pink leggings. They were specially designed with child’s needs, prioritizing the freedom of the movements. The embellished side logo adds charm to the whole outlook. They could be well compatible with pink-hued tee of the matching color and style.  For older girls – multifunctional lavender tee from Dimensione Danza – would be perfect for dance classes. Off-the-shoulder design with a slim strap is a beautiful stylistic detail, which would for sure be appreciated by your small princess. Some dancers prefer more opened tops, which are also presented by Dimensione Danza in various colors.

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