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    Vests are rather popular for adult women and for children as well. Especially if we are talking about winter time, there is a need to add a layer of fabric to guarantee warmth and comfort during any weather. Certainly there are numerous variants of vests, suitable for various ages. Vests by La Perla are of classical design, with thin shoulder straps and made of soft cotton, helping to regulate the temperature of the child’s body perfectly. There are also versions with lace trims and other additional decorative details, including satin ribbon bows and gems. Hanssop are suitable for older girls, they have thicker shoulder straps with lace trims. These vests are also made of soft and stretchy jersey cotton-mix. Vests by Joha are perfect for cold winter weather, as they belong to the category of thermal underwear. Wool and silk blend, they are made of, contribute to saving warmth and at the same time make the garment very soft towards child’s skin. Lace trims over the neck hole and arm holes contribute to their lovely look. For those girls, who like imitating their mothers, La Perla presents smart vests with a silky-soft front and jersey back. 

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