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    Thermal tops are rather popular for winter cold weather. Under the condition, that you purchase the top, made of natural materials, able to regulate the temperature of the child’s body, being stretchy and thin enough, then you could be sure, that your girl would feel cozy and warm, even if the weather is really nasty. Tops by Joha are presented here in various colors, depending on the style you would prefer. They are made of merino wool, looking simple but stylish, they could be used as additional layer of underwear, as well as separate piece of clothing. They are suitable for small baby girls and older girls as well. For older girls it is possible to purchase tops, made of wool-silk blend, the combination of these two fabrics guarantee comfort, warmth and soft feeling on the skin, which is so important for any type of underwear. There are lace trims on the sleeves, neck hole and hem for lovelier look. Wool thermal tops by Molo are made of finely knitted merino wool. They are decorated with rainbow stitching and neon logo star, which provides the possibility of putting it on as a separate top with corresponding trousers, as well as wearing it as a part of underwear.

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