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    Creating a realty smart and stylish image for a boy is not an easy task, it is necessary to choose the suit, the shirt, matching shoes and corresponding accessories. By the way, the role of the accessories should never be underestimated, as under the condition, that they are properly chosen, they contribute to making the image stylistically finished and bright. In this section you are welcome to browse probably the most important men’s accessories – ties and bow ties. The choice is rather wide, you will be able to find classical variants of darker colors, suiting most of the traditional suits; light colored ties could be perfect options for light suits, trousers and shirts sets. Bow ties also look stunning with corresponding smart clothing. They are made of various types of fabric, which makes them modern and stylish nowadays. For example apart of traditional cotton bow ties, there are knitted bow ties, which add originality and style to the whole image, at the same time they are not related to purely classical type of clothing, they are rather versatile and could be well combined with casual smart clothing.

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