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    There are numerous variants of short socks, they could be made of various materials and are suitable for girls all ages starting from their birth day and till teenager years. If you are looking for a kind of universal present, a kind of those, which are always in need as soon as a small baby is born to a family, pay attention to the sets of six pairs of socks by Trumpette or Country Kids. These socks are smart looking and practical. The various colored sets provide the chance to choose the pair for any outfit, a baby has. The rubberized printed lettering on the soles would be a real help to the children, who start to make their first steps and learn to stand only. La Perla socks are made of stretchy terry cotton and are also packaged into a box, which would make them a good present. Socks by Falke are more or less casual and would suit any sports of other type of everyday clothing, adding some bright note thanks to the multi-colored stripes. They don’t lose their form after washing and remain soft.

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