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    Leggings are really comfortable for the cold time of the year, providing an additional layer of clothing, guaranteeing, that your girl would feel both comfortable and warm during her outdoors’s activities, irrespective of the temperature and winds. All parents know, how important it is to keep our children warm during winter. There are different types of leggings, you will be able to find here. The leggings, presented by Joha, are made of blend of wool and silk, thus they are light and warm. The waist is elasticated for additional comfort. There are also leggings, made of cotton, which would also be a perfect under layer for winter time. The best natural materials were used by Joha for producing merino wool leggings, which are unisex. Thermal wool and silk leggings are perfect for saving warmth and at the same time being tender towards child’s skin. There are leggings with lace decorations on the bottom, which makes it possible to wear them under trousers, as well as in combination with a skirt or dress. There are various colors of the leggings, so your will be able to choose those, which are the best suiting other clothing of your girl.

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