Designers Charms for girls

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    'All the Luck & Love in the World' Silver Charm Box (3cm) Girls Pink Tea Pot Charm in a Box (2.5cm) Limited Edition Red Diamante Apple Charm (2cm)

    Set of 5 Sterling Silver Miniature Life's Charms in a Gift Bag (2cm) Sterling Silver Heart Keepsake Token 'World to Explore' Small Sterling Silver Box Keepsake (2.3cm)

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    A lot of people, especially young girls, like getting some charming small things and store them as a kind of keepsake. Such jewelleries could be of various forms and might have different meanings for their holders. In this section, you could find some very special charms for your girls. Chunky red apple from Juicy Coutur is a great present in a special box and with special clasp, which makes it possible to attach it to a necklace or a bracelet. Another variant is the bright pink tea pot, with opening top, which looks unusual and really stylish. Tales from the Earth present series of very tender and meaningful keepsakes, one consisting of five charms, presenting life, another – of silver animals, each of them is having a special meaning. Such presents are informative and meaningful; they are usually kept for many years and remind the recipient of her close people. They are specially packed into boxes or small silk bags.

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