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    In this category you are welcome to browse various types of belts, which have nowadays become one of the most important accessories of stylish men and boys of all ages from toddlers to teenagers. Children wear casual clothing, as well as there are cases, when they are to put on classical suits and trousers. Thus there is a need to consider the type of trousers, your child has in his wardrobe and make the correct choice. For example the classical black real leather belt from Boss would be the perfect option for classical trousers or suit. There is a gift box in addition, which makes it a good present to a young gentleman. Ferrari boys’ navy blue leather belt is rather versatile, as it could be worn with classical trousers or also with skinny trousers for smart look. Pale grey leather belt with gazette print by John Galliano would look perfect with denim trousers or shorts, adding style and brightness to the whole image. Elasticated belts are usually very comfortable for smaller children; Zaccone presents here a stylish pale brown and dark brown belt, which has a usual buckle and adjustment of the elastic as an addition.

    Luxury Designers Belts for Boys

    When you buy luxury clothing or accessories you should be very careful not to buy fake or replica, especially when you shop online. Our website cooperates only with reliable purveyors and we can guarantee that all belts that you can find on our website are 100% original.

    Speaking about price range we are very flexible and ready to provide kids designers belts from 10 Euros by Mayoral or Playshoes for example (or even less for many belts on sale). In the same time we have in stock luxury branded toddler and boys belts from popular fashion designers like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Paul Smith Junior, Givenchy Kids, Young Versace, Emporio Armani, Boss and many others. Price here starts from 50-60 Euros, but excellent quality and luxury designers can not be cheap. For example when you see “cheap Gucci belt for kids” that costs 20 Euros it is highly likely not the original belt. Do not let yourself to be deceived by unscrupulous sellers.

    Baby Boys Designers Belts

    It may sounds funny, but some times even small baby need such an accessory like a belt. For example when your baby has special occasion and specific clothing, so belt is a must to finish the total look. Some designers create special baby boys belts, for example Tutto Piccolo or Playshoes have ideal toddler belts in their new collections.

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