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    Derhy kids is an exquisite and original children’s clothes of a Parisian brand for girls 4-14 years who want to be as stylish as their moms. Famous brand was created in the distant 1970s by two French ladies – René and Yvette Derhy. French women are known throughout the world for that special sense of style in clothes. Since 2000s the brand has started to produce children’s clothes. The line acquired the name Derhy Kids. The Derhy kids brand is aimed at young girls who love colors, fabrics and feminine designs. Clothes for little girls have all the same adult sophistication but skillfully interpreted in a child’s mood way. The collection miraculously concentrated all the trends: chiffon and tulle dresses, cardigans in pastel shades, fancy cotton leggings and luxury skirts, subtle elegant lace, decorative items (beads, sequins, ruffles, embroidery), which are made with a special sensitivity and attention to detail. And what to say about the aristocratic cardigans and pants of Coco Channel tubes style. Stylish findings tailored to the fashion trends, fine fabrics emphasize the specificity of the seasons. Each collection by Derhy Kids is a new look at the traditional thing, innovative performance of traditional desires, firework of bright rich colors, super fashionable prints, modern decoration and cutting.

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