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    One of the key tasks of all parents is to take care of their children’s safety in any situation. Most of the kids are active, adore active games, riding a bike or a scooter. In all these cases a safety helmet is a must. However, sometimes parents face difficulties with convincing their children to wear helmets. Crazt Stuff presents an outstanding collection of cool and functional helmets, which would make parents forget about such problems, as reminding their children to put on helmet. The creative design is combined with the original approach. The helmets, presented by Crazy Stuff, have the faces of fierce animals and birds, providing a whole range of options, depending on your child’s taste. These helmets would contribute to self-expression of your child along with providing of high level of protection. A lot of boys adore dragons and dinosaurs, wild animals, for them one of the variants from the collection is available – ferocious crocodile helmet, which looks unbelievably real and dangerous. Such helmet would for sure fascinate your small cyclist, and you will have no problems convincing him to put it on before each trip. For girls pink helmet, featuring a friendly rabbit’s face, would be more appropriate.

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