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    Nowadays along with the development of new technologies, children are also more and more involved in their application. Coloud is of the well-known designers of headphones, which are desired by any child. The key idea, used by this designer as the basis – is first of all creation of reliable and functional headphones, getting rid of all unnecessary and not functional details, not related directly to the quality of sound. As a result, there were headphones created, which have a minimum of parts and constructions, at the same time being durable and perfect for unlimited everyday usage by any kid. Later on Tangle-Free System was added to the headphones. Triangularity is one of the key themes, applied by this designer and could be met in most of the products by Coloud. Coloud products are for those customers, who are really concerned about the environment, as this designer complies with such standards as RoHS and REACH. All products are free from PVC and the special packaging, which is used, is recyclable. Thus if you are looking for a nice gift for your child for some special occasion, or if you want to upgrade the headphones, he has at the moment – the headphones by Coloud would be for sure the best choice for boys and girls of different ages.

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