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    Colmar is the brand, which is famous for its kids collection of skiwear of top quality and unique design. If your child is wearing the set by Colmar, you could be sure that he is warm and comfortable and not wet on the slopes, irrespective of the degree of his professionalism. Jackets, salopettes and separates are all suitable for the winter sports. If you don’t want to spend too much time choosing all the clothing pieces separately – there is a good option for you – ready children set, consisting of salopettes and jacket. This Colmar’s set would be great for ensuring warmth and comfort to your child on the slopes. Insulation and waterproofness of the fabric are critical for it. Pieces of soft fleece materials in the cuffs, back part, hood, add extra warmth and feeling of coziness. If your child doesn’t like salopettes, then you could consider separate trousers. Technology which ensures waterproofness, breathability and high water repellency was applied for manufacturing of the ski trousers by Colmar designer. All experts state that in order to guarantee warmth, wearing a ski suit, it is necessary to add a fleece jacket as an underlayer. Insulated fleece materials, which are used for fleece jackets by Colmar, would be highly appreciated by your children.

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