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    Unfortunately, rather often parents experience difficulty with sending their children to bed, as soon as bed time comes. Some children don’t want to stop playing, others are concerned about the darkness in their rooms and so on. Cloud B is not simply a toys designer – this is a great specialist, able to solve most of the problems, related to sleeping. This designer provides a whole range of various plush toys and things, which would be great supporters for the baby to fall asleep. Glow Cuddles Toffee Bear by Cloud B is lovely and cute and would for sure be adored by your child. The unique feature of this toy is the sound of heart beating when somebody touches it or hugs it. There is an auto shut-off function, which would be of great help to the parents. Being packed into a nice box – it would be a good idea of a present. Twinkling Firefly Frog toy plays soothing sounds to lull children and would be perfect for those children, who are afraid of darkness, as its tummy can twinkle. Cloud B toy could become one of the best friends of your child, starting from the first months of his life.

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