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    This is a rather old tradition already of presenting beautifully designed silverware for children, especially for newborn babies. Chistofle is one of the world famous designers, associated with top quality silverware. There is a variety of options for tableware and the likes, provided by this designer. Those spoons and forks look like those for the hands of little princesses and could be easily served for special occasions in palaces. One of the secrets of such popularity of this designer is the unique combination of modern designs with classical traditions of elegance and beauty. Two-piece silver plated cutlery set from Christofle consists of a spoon and a fork. This set could become a great gift and memo of the early childhood of your child. All the pieces were designed in Paris, the finishing touch is added by the delicate engravings of playful characters. Suede lined gift box could be useful for making a present, as well as for further storing of the set. A silver plated baby cup has an elegant design with smooth lines, perfect for a small child. It is also accompanied by a gift box. Christofle silver baby spoon & bowl could be another good option.

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