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    D for Dimond Silver Heart Locket Necklace in a Gift Box (4+ yrs)D for Dimond White Gold & Diamond Cross Necklace in a Gift Box (4+ yrs)D for Dimond Freshwater Pearl Heart Necklace in a Gift Box (4+ yrs)

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    D for Diamond is an extra special range of crafted children’s jewelry. It was established in London in 2000, after a long search for a perfect Christening gift the future founders discovered it difficult to find that special something which had both quality and uniqueness. So they decided to create a brand that offered designer silver and gold jewellery and keepsakes, of which appealed to both children and adults, all at an affordable price. This jewelry is the perfect gift for children from birth to early teenage years with a wide range of pieces designed for both boys and girls. Every piece of D for Diamond is set with at least one genuine sparkling diamond which is brand signature design element. All jewellery items are made of sterling silver and 9 ct gold. The collection includes beautiful necklaces with themes ranging from footballs, hearts and stars to fairies, crosses and butterflies, sophisticated earrings, bracelets, exciting watches, adventurous accessories for boys such as dog-tags, pendants, bracelets and bangles. It’ll be hard to pick a favorite! Featuring christening classics and more contemporary style every piece comes in a pink D for Diamond box for girls and a blue D for Diamond box for boys.

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