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    Aeronautica Militare brand is the most prominent representative of the Italian premium military style clothes and accessories, characterised by fashionable models and an abundance of military decor elements. This fashion brand has had an experience in the production of leather garments for men and women since 1960. Its clothes were known in many countries, but since 2004, after the order tailoring for military pilots, Aeronautica Militare began to develop a new children clothes direction, which subsequently had a huge success.

    All prints, embroidery, badges and insignia common to all collections of Aeronautica Militare kid’s clothes are original and based on military sketches that were used and are still used by the pilots of the Air Force. Also specific for this kids fashion brand is the presence of a large number of useful pockets, protective olive green colour, modern trendy cut, functionality, innovation, originality and affordable prices. This approach enabled the Aeronautica Militare children wear products to obtain love of thousands of people, who primarily valued military quality and originality. The collection of boy clothes includes jackets, polo shirts, T-shirts, cargo pants, hats, caps that are made of cotton and leather. All of them exactly replicate the clothing of military pilots and give a unique flavor to the daily look. Every child can feel like a fighter pilot, and experience the romance of aviation when wearing Aeronautica Militare clothes.

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