Chattyfeet children socks

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Chattyfeet children socks

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Adults are usually concerned about the quality of the children clothing, about its comfort and warmth, which is especially important for the cold period of the year. Children in their turn – are much more interested in the design, prints, colors, used by the designers for their clothing. Chattyfeet worked out a humorous approach to their products – socks for children. All children are to smile at least, as soon as they look down and see those socks from Chattyfeet. The main aim of the designer was initially to get rid of everything boring, which surrounded us in this world. There is no wonder, that this concept was so much liked by children. This experiment resulted in creating numerous pairs of socks with funny faces, which look rather as heroes of puppet theatre than pieces of children clothing. Such socks would become a perfect gift to a child of any age, both for boys and girls, making them his favorite pair of socks. The materials, which were used for socks production, are of the highest quality, which would guarantee comfort for your child’s feet, being warm and soft. The ribbed edges are not squeezing the legs and keep the socks properly in place.

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