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    Riding a horse is a great outdoor activity, which would for sure contribute to physical development of your child. At the same time, constant contact with such animals, as horses, would be beneficial for all kids from psychological point of view. The main task of the parents is still to guarantee their safety during riding. Champion is a well-known designer, which has been designing protective kids wear for horse riders for more than 30 years. The high quality of the products, with constant introduction of improvements ensures a lot of dedicated customers. Champion hat cover from Toggi in cerise and navy has classical design and is made of 100 % polyester. Apart from adding style and charm to the whole outlook of your girl, it would serve perfect protection. Flexair body protector has safety buckles and antibacterial lining. It is designed with the consideration of the necessary safety standards of level 3. The key advantages of this body protector are multi-layered nitrile foam and unique positioning of ventilation holes, which is highly important for breathability during riding.  Another option could be Champion Evolution riding hat with a lightweight shell covered in soft and durable synthetic nubuk. The designer incorporated an airflow system, for better comfort of the child.

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