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    Often parents want to create a special design for their children’s room, however they lack ideas and understanding, how to make some things better, more functional and attractive for their babies and kids. Case Studyo is the designer, managing to collect the best ideas from all over the world with the only aim – to make exclusively astonishing offers for your children. The main target is to bring an atmosphere of love and comfort into the space, where your children spend most of their time. One of the most well-known products by this designer is “Little Cloud” limited edition lamp. By most, it is considered to be a symbol of unconditional love and guidance to the light. There are two options – cold white light and warm white light, depending on the taste of your child. Now you will not have to worry, that your child doesn’t want to go to bed or will be feeling scared in the darkness of his room, with their new friend of an unusual shape and form, children would be sleeping well. There is a battery inside, which would let you put it to the place, you like, irrespective of sockets’ position.

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