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    Carrement Beau is a newly established children’s fashion brand that was launched by a famous Groupe CWF Company. The brand’s goods are intended for both boys and girls and fit children of 2-12 years of age. The brand’s products are characterized by the romantic twist peculiar to the heart of fashion – Paris. Carrement Beau is a combination of nostalgia and modern touch. The trademark offers fashionable and premium-quality clothes produced from the finest fabrics and presented in various styles ranging from modern to vintage ones. The brand’s clothes are offered in a variety of colors and color combinations. The production of Carrement Beau is distinguished by smooth and delicate finishing and a variety of cute little details. The designers of the trademark are trying to ensure the premium quality and durability of every piece of clothing and they successfully manage to achieve this goal for young fashion-lovers to look fashionable at any occasion. Carrement Beau is for everyone who loves fashion and design.

    The trademark was founded in 2015. It is the third designer brand offered by a world-wide known Parisian company Groupe CWF. The previous collections of the brand were also designed for young boys and girls and had an immense success among young fashionistas. The president of the company, Emilie Gaulupeau, decided to create another brand of kids’ fashion. The new brand incorporates modern French style with a flare of nostalgia. The brand was founded in Paris, but today it is popular in many other cities of the world. It represents a traditional, classic and slightly vintage trademark whose fashion designers take inspiration in the bohemian Parisian style. The collections of the brand can be called anything but boring. They reflect the name of the trademark which can be translated as “so beautiful”. The brand achieved immediate recognition due to its elegant style, premium quality and highly reasonable pricing policy. Carrement Beau is intended for children with an excellent taste in fashion who are striving for self-expression.

    The Carrement Beau brand employs a team of experienced professionals who strive to bring a mixture of modern and retro styles to the kids’ fashion collections. The brand’s clothes are very elegant and produced from the premium-quality materials that are distinguished by various soft colors including white, blue, red, pink and several others. The collection of the brand is truly romantic, while the girls’ wear collection is characterized by a sophisticated flare. Every young girl dreams to wear such clothing. Every piece of clothing is decorated with elegant details including romantic belts and girlish ruffles. The clothes of the brand are added with a number of patterns and the small pockets are attached to different items of clothing in the collection. These appear to be very useful in case your child needs to keep something at hand. As for the boys’ wear collection, it is really exquisite and distinguished by classic shapes and well-thought details. Carrement Beau provides an immense variety of clothes for wearing on a daily basis and at special events. The beautiful finishing of every item of clothing makes it a number-one choice for special occasions. However, many of the available models can be worn day after day.

    Carrement Beau pays much attention to the design of every piece of clothing to ensure maximum comfort and coziness of children. The exclusive clothing provided by the trademark is easy to wash and take care of. The collections for boys and girls are distinguished by a romantic twist, which reflects the most unique features of the sophisticated Parisian fashion. Your little kid will definitely enjoy wearing the outfits provided by Carrement Beau as they are not only comfortable, but also look great on every little fashionista.

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