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    Carame au sucre Baby Grey Cashmere Sweater & Trouser Setcaramel au sucre Baby Girls Pink Cotton Cardigan & Trouser SetCaramel au sucre White Gold & Diamond Bear Bracelet (2-8 yrs)

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    Having a baby is a lot of pleasant hassle that begins long before the birth. First, parents start to choose clothes and accessories for the baby. And no wonder: thin and delicate baby skin requires special attention and care and, consequently, special clothing. In such cases, it is very important to know the modern manufacturers of children’s clothes, not to buy low-quality products. The most important criteria when choosing children’s clothes are natural and safe materials. Newborn baby skin is 5 times thinner than adult skin. In addition, it easily gives and receives heat. Therefore, children’s clothing must comply with the most demanding requirements. Clothing of the Caramel au Sucre brand is made from 100% cotton which does not irritate the delicate skin and maintains an optimal body temperature of the child. Free cutting and convenient zipper does not restrict movement. Caramel au Sucre is the world famous French fashion brand that creates elegant and stylish clothing and accessories for children. This trademark was launched by Viviane Deutsch. She produces beautiful clothes for babies that are made of cashmere and cotton. There is more as the brand is ready to suggest jewelry for children that would perfectly accomplish the whole look that you would like to create for your child.

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