Calvin Klein Kids Clothes

    Calvin Klein Kids Clothes

    Calvin Klein Baby Girls Pink Pre-Walker ShoesCalvin Klein Red 'CK' Canvas Handbag (30cm)Calvin Klein Pink 'CK' Canvas Handbag (25cm)

    Calvin Klein Black & Silver Logo TrainersCalvin Klein Beige 'CK' Logo Pre-Walker TrainersCalvin Klein Boys Grey Leather and Canvas Pre-Walker Trainers

    Calvin Klein Baby Clothes

    The variety of colors and styles from Calvin Klein is designed for those who love to dress fashionably and appreciates at the same convenience and comfort. Boutiques of this brand exist in many countries and their number increases year by year. Brand Calvin Klein was founded by two people, designer and financier, who agreed to establish a fashion house back in 1968. These were two childhood friends – Barry Schwartz and Calvin Klein. Each of them has his own direction of operation. Bari solved all the financial difficulties of the company, Kelvin created models. Originally the fashion house Calvin Klein practiced production and demonstration of men’s clothing. Female range appeared later. The brand designers adapt details of menswear under women. Thus, in 1970 there was a coat – jacket which became a smash hit. In 1974, having presented a collection of accessories and fur garments, it stops further developments in the direction of the classical style and changes fashion style by presenting already new brand – jeans haute couture already 1978. Today one may meet a great variety of not only clothes for men and women, but also a wide range of footwear and accessories designed specifically for babies and children who want to look the same fashionably.

    The good thing about Calvin Klein children collections is that you can buy new clothes, shoes and accessories every new season. Also, collections available both for boys and girls from early ages till 16 years old teens. If you have more then one child and you like to create “family look” for all your family you can for sure buy all you can need in every Calvin Klein shop. Our online boutique offers a great variety of clothes, shoes and accessories by Calvin Klein luxury fashion brand.

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