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    All kinds of toys play a vitally important role for many-sided and timely development of all children. Toys are the sources of their imagination and communicative skills, they contribute to children’s understanding of the world around them and concrete things, which they are to perceive, starting from their first days and months after their birth. Calafant toys – this is not simply a collection of toys, this is real toy world, which was developed by famous cartoon artist in Germany. On the one hand the principle, which was used for creating these toys was rather primitive, on the other hand – the result is astonishing. Kids of various ages are provided the possibility to make their toys with their own hands, first assembling them of cardboard and them painting them in the way they like. At the same time, there is no need to use glue or scissors, which would guarantee safety and order. As soon as a child acquires the skills with the simplest models, there is a variety of more difficult options. It is important that all those models are made of white cardboard, this means that your child is free to add any decorative details and colors, he would love to.

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