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    Nowadays everybody likes versatile types of clothing and accessory, which are able to perform numerous functions. One of the revolutionary trends of the modern fashion for both adult people and children is a multifunctional garment, which could be worn over the head in various ways, known under the name buff. It is not easy to answer what buff exactly is, as in reality this is headband, hat, bandana, scarf, facemask or wristband. There is hardly another piece of clothing, which could perform so many functions, like this one. At the same time, there is plenty of color combinations, making buffs well compatible with most clothing from your child’s wardrobe. Most of the boys like super heroes, if your child is one of them – you could consider purely boyish buff with the graphics super hero print. It could be worn in ten different ways and is made of microfiber fabrics with thermal insulation. For girls, there are also great options – like for example blue striped Hello Kitty Polartec Buff. It is made of 100% polyester Polar Fleece and would become a perfect warmth keeper accessory for your child during cold weather. Thermal insulation is one of the key advantages of this piece of children accessory.

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