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    Starting from 1837, when the company was founded by Abraham Moon, factory Bronte has begun to create unsurpassed quality woolen products. Factory Bronte is one of the few in the UK, where the whole process of production is concentrated in one place. History of the stylish scarf and cozy blanket Bronte starts with how the elite, already peeled and combed wool of merino sheep enters the factory. Merino wool is the most valuable kind of sheep wool. Quality on the Bronte factory is valued above all else. First, the properties of wool depend primarily on where sheep live and what do they it, so the factory only buys raw materials from reliable suppliers. Water also plays an important role. It is understandable by the designers and therefore during the production of blankets and shawls Bronte designers use pure water from artesian wells. Here manufacturers are closely watching in order to keep the brand so that to create exceptional products. Every inch of woolen products of Bronte Tweeds trice goes through the check. As a result, you get the output represented by a flawless 100 % wool that is evidenced by the sign of Woolmark. There is nothing better for the parents who search for the best for their children. Extreme softness of merino wool baby blanket is a guarantee that your child gets best possible skin and health care. You can forget about harmful artificial coloring, only high quality materials used for the production of Bronte Tweeds children shawls and blankets. If you are looking for some baby gift you can consider Bronte Tweeds blankets, they propose pink, blue and other colors that can be good for baby boys and baby girls.  

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