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    Toys are vitally important for proper and many-sided development of children of any age. However one of the most important characteristics of baby and kid toy is related not only to their functionality, but also to their quality, the materials used in production, paints. The Brio baby toys are made of wood and are perfect for children from their birth already. On the one hand these toys today have a rather simple design, on the other hand, they support children in their creativity and development of new ideas and approaches. They were worked out with the main target of providing stimulation to children, supporting each of the child’s development stages from baby to school years. Most children like various types of vehicles, Brio developed a lot of collections of railways stations, planes, cars and so on. Lovely people figures and animal figures would bring a lot of fun to small children. Brio designer managed to work out a special philosophy of children and baby toys, which is for decades is appreciated by children and their parents. For those, who are concerned about the ecological situation – it would be important to know that Brio took the decision from 2014, to manufacture all of their wooden toys from traceable wood coming from responsibly managed forests.

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