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    Borsalino is one of the most well-known hat-making brands with a rich history that started in 1857. The name of the brand is often used as a synonym of the fedora style of hats. This is because the company uses a number of characteristic features of the classic fedora style. Borsalino is widely known not only in Italy, but throughout the world. It has recently launched a kids’ collection of hats and caps of various styles and designs for boys and girls. The kids’ headwear by Borsalino is made of the finest fabrics that can ever be found in the market. The designs of the brand bring some sophistication to the traditional looks of children wearing Borsalino hats. The kids’ collection bristles with hats and caps for babies and older children. There are different sizes available, which makes the products of the brand suitable for children of different age groups.

           Borsalino designers produce fantastically designed hats made from felt and rabbit fur. The production process takes place in one of the Italian districts, Alessandria. The history of the brand dates back to the times when Giuseppe Borsalino visited France to obtain knowledge about the hat production. Upon his return to Italy, Borsalino founded his own company that specialized in the production of felt headwear. After the death of the founder, the family business was passed to his son. However, the company under the leadership of Borsalino’s son was not as successful as before. Nowadays, the company manufactures a great variety of goods including hats, clothing and various accessories for adults and children of different ages. The company’s designers try to maintain the charm and beauty of the previous century’s fashion. Today, the company has a number of branches in some countries of Europe and the USA. Borsalino brand expanded its range of products so much that nowadays, it even produces helmets for those who enjoy riding a motorbike. The brand has a great success especially due to a fantastic range of kids’ headwear for children of different age.

                      Speaking about the kids’ collection, it needs to be noted that the hats and caps produced by Borsalino are handmade from highly durable and premium-quality materials that continue to please mothers and their children with their functionality and practicality. The products of the brand are just what you need if you want your child to feel comfortable and look great all at once. Parents always try to ensure that their children wear clothes made from natural materials. In this regard, Borsalino hats definitely stand out compared to other trademarks of such kind. The hats and caps for babies, toddlers, infants and older kids are made from original and authentic materials that are soft to the touch and feel very delicate. The hats by Borsalino are available in a diversity of colors and color combinations. You can choose whichever color you and your child like most. The brand’s goods are oriented on both boys and girls.

                      Borsalino hats are a must-have item in the wardrobe of every little kid. They are comfortable and cozy and will make your child look simply adorable. Check out the collections of the brand to find the cutest hat for your precious one. Today, the Borsalino brand is a number-one choice of numerous parents in different countries of the world. The company has long grown from a small hat-producing factory into a leading designer brand that now produces headwear for children as well. This makes this brand a universal trademark that caters for the needs of adults and kids alike. The brand is going to launch another collection of kids’ headwear in the nearest future. It is expected that the new collection will surpass the previous ones in terms of the products’ diversity and available designs.

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