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    The family run business by Bolle turned out nowadays into one of the leading producers of safety glasses and goggles in the sporting industry. The glasses are designed in such a way, that they meet all the demands for various types of sports, including professional winter sports. For those parents, who constantly think of their children protection and comfort – sunglasses and glasses by Bolle would be a great choice. We are all aware of the dangers, related to the direct sun rays for children’s eyes, which are not fully developed yet. This doesn’t mean that children should not spend time outdoors during warm weather and the sun shining, it means that it is necessary to take care of the corresponding protection for their eyes – purchase sunglasses with special lenses with UV protection. There are various forms of the kids sunglasses byBolle manufacturer, thus you will be able to choose those, which pass exactly your child. The variety of colors guarantees their matching to the most of the clothing of your child. A separate category is presented by protecting children glasses for sports, which correspond to all demands and standards. There are also many color options available suitable for both boys and girls.

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