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    The history of Blade & Rose began with a mother of two children, Amanda, who noticed that she always had to rearrange her daughter’s skirts and dresses because her girl’s bottom was always turned up while playing or just crawling on the floor. Amanda decided to search for some other options rather than usual tights and leggings. Unfortunately, she could not find a single alternative that would be of high quality, yet trendy and comfortable. In fact, at the early age, most little babies are crawling and it requires a special outfit for them to feel comfortable and cozy while exploring the world around. This is how the idea for a new business was originated. The newly established company was named after the middle names of the founder’s two children. Today, the Blade & Rose brand is among the most popular leggings-producing trademarks in different parts of the world. The leggings offered by the brand are suitable for both girls and boys. It is always exciting for every parent to explore the new collections of the brand. The company’s collections sparkle with funky, trendy and absolutely exclusive leggings that are intended for babies who are just learning to walk and older kids. The brand also produces various accessories to match the colorful and cute leggings for little boys and girls.

                      If you have not yet experienced the softness and fantastic design of Blade & Rose baby leggings, it’s high time to get started. Today, children can wear the same leggings for half a year and even longer, and they will still ideally fit them looking perfectly just like the day they first put them on. Baby leggings by Blade & Rose are very comfortable, easy to put on and off (as they have no annoying zips or buttons) and look just perfect. All you have to do is to look through the collections of the brand and choose what suits your baby better. There are different sizes of baby leggings, so you can simply take measurements and decide what size will fit your child best. Blade & Rose create truly fabulous designs of baby leggings for both boys and girls. All products of the brand are of the highest quality and are intended for active babies that enjoy climbing, crawling or turning upside down most of the time.

                      Blade & Rose baby leggings are made from a combination of cotton, elastane and nylon, which makes them flexible and easy to wash. Such combination of different materials ensures durability and functionality of the brand’s goods. The leggings provided by the brand are available in a diversity of colors and designs. Such designs as Zebra, Monster, Ice Cream, Rocket and Strawberry are among the most popular and children absolutely adore wearing such clothes especially due to a funky and unusual design of each piece of kids’ wear. Whether the design is featured with flowers, stripes or stars, the leggings of the brand are brightly colored and the sizes will suit children from 0 to 6 years of age. Older children can also wear the leggings of the brand, although in this case the small illustrations would be on the ankles rather than the bottom. If you also would like to buy some accessories matching the brand’s leggings, you can always get hats, socks and bibs of suitable designs. The brand also produces funky unisex tops that will ideally match the brand’s leggings. Such cute and stylish leggings will definitely brighten up every child’s day. Pink and raspberry leggings with cupcakes on the bottom look simply adorable. Such leggings are an ideal gift for friends, relatives and your own little kid!

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