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    Biba is a British fashion brand. This ancient and highly respected fashion company that was reborn from the ashes like a phoenix. Today, the brand produces fashionable clothing and accessories for men, women and children. There is also a great cosmetic line, the line of high quality and elegant footwear, household goods and much more. British company of fashion apparel Biba was firstly established in 1964. Its activity was suspended in 1975. For the ten years of its existence, the brand not only reached the international level and became recognizable. The company became a legend in the children fashion industry. Its revival took place thirty years after closure. Today the brand Biba is successfully selling its fashionable kids products on world markets. Today is possible to buy worldwide the accessories of the world famous British brand Biba. Women, men, housewives, business women, entrepreneurs, politicians, sportsmen, bankers, actors and musicians are happy to buy something that has a label Biba for their children. Children clothing, children footwear, cosmetics of high-quality use great popularity in all major countries of the world. If to speak about the prices that are suggested by this world known brand are quite acceptable and affordable so that every potential buyer could find it appropriate to buy Biba’s products. Quality and classics are what Biba suggests to its kids customers.

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