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    Such fashion trademark as Barbour exists for more than a hundred years as it has been founded already in 1894 and the legacy accumulated during this time is appreciated the most. Despite the fact that Barbour now produces also great sweaters and high quality accessories, the pride of this trademark that remains the object of attention of buyers remains outerwear. Its ability to reliably protect against wind and rain is time-tested and confirmed by the royal family: the company Barbour was three times administered as the official supplier of jackets for the royals who go hunting in the jackets of this brand already since 1970s. This universal attachment to Barbour is due primarily to the quality. Materials are neat and pleasant to the touch, often there are two options: either waxed cotton of different density or synthetic polyamide and as a bonus – corduroy collar. The pockets of this brand overalls are roomy, but neat with detachable hoods, zippers are reliable, buttons are sturdy and lining is mostly beautiful. Nowadays Barbour brand is mostly known for the production of high quality and practical coats either for boys and girls in the age from 4 to 15 years. Barbour children clothes and accessories will help your child feel comfortable in any weather. If you prefer to buy luxury children clothes for your kid, especially coats and jackets – Barbour is the best choice for you.

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