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    Looking for creative and styling clothing for your child? Then you should for sure look through the collection, presented by Bang Bang Copenhagen – a famous Danish designer of high quality clothing for children between 0-13 years. The pieces of kids clothing by Bang Bang Copenhagen designer would for sure make your child stand out among other children, as the original combination of origami with modern street clothing would contribute to creating a cool and smart image. If your child belongs to the category of modern children, where boys do not wear only blue clothing, and girls are not over concentrated on pink colors – this is exactly what you were looking for. For those who appreciate originality along with comfort and style – bat hoody from Bang Bang Copenhagen was designed. It looks like a usual hoody, as long as your child doesn’t raise his hands and turns into a real bat, with those cool wings, which were made under the sleeves. It would look nice with any denim trousers or skinny jeans, adding style to the whole image and comfort during cool weather.   For real gentlemen -Bang Bang Copenhagen proposes Tuexedo-esque style with a blue bow could be put on for various occasions. All these babies, toddlers, infants and school year children clothes and accessories available on our online boutique.

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