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    It is really difficult to find a child, who doesn’t like riding a bicycle or pedal cars. Pedal cars produced by Baghera are in retro style and look really amazing. They would for sure attract the attention of your children and bring them a lot of joy outside. Even if your child is too small for trying out a bicycle – this type of vehicle would be at any rate appropriate for him. All cars are of the highest quality, they are made of strong metal, which would guarantee safety even for beginners. Rubber tires are perfect for any type of the road and would make the process of riding smooth and easy, not causing your child to perform additional efforts for moving of the car. The pedal positions are easily adjustable, which is a serious advantage in case with small children, who tend to grow really fast. The design of the seat is rather simple, however it is perfect for comfortable position of the child’s body and his ability to drive the car. There is a huge choice of ride-on cars, which are suitable for the children from under one year, contributing to their physical development and bringing a lot of fun.

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