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    If you want to sleep well and not check several times during the night whether your child threw off the blanket, you will surely need to buy a sleeping bag. Sleeping bag is a very practical invention. There is no a child who would not be able to slip out of the sleeping bag and get cold in the age until one year. Even the most active child while turning during the night and crawling in the sleep at the corners of the crib would still remain in the warm sleeping bag. At the same time this sleeping bag does not tightly pull the legs and arms as it is done by any blanket and does not harm the blood circulation. Sleeping bags give a child an opportunity to easily sleep on the back and then roll over the tummy and sleep. A child feels comfortable even during those hours when he/she is awake, but it is quite cold in the house. Sleeping bag securely closes all of the child’s body while the arms are still free so that to reach for the body of mother or have fun with toys. We are ready to help you with choosing the best sleeping bag for your child.

    Luxury Baby Sleeping Bags & Nests

    As sleeping bag is one of the first thing that needs your baby you should choose it very carefully. Sure the quality and materials are the priority when we are talking about sleeping bags and nest. Babies skin is so soft and gentle and it should contact only with safe, hippoallic fabrics. The good news is that ALL baby bags & nests on our website are high quality only, so you can choose any and do not worry about babies health and skin.

    Second step is to choose the brand name:

    For now we have more than 130 different designers sleeping bags and we have regular stock updates, so check our website frequently to get the best variant for you and your baby. If you prefer premium brand names we can propose you following sleeping bags and nests:

    • Chloe
    • Kenzo Kids
    • Emporio Armani
    • Alviero Martini
    • Gucci
    • Roberto Cavalli
    • Young Versace
    • Givenchy Kids
    • La Perla
    • Paz Rodriguez
    • Paul Smith Junior
    • Boss
    • Tartine et Chocolat
    • Monnalisa Bebé
    • Moschino Baby
    • Dolce & Gabbana
    • Fendi
    • Moncler
    • Aigner Kids

    Alternative Designers Baby Sleeping Bags & Nests

    If you would like to buy not so expensive, but in the same time high quality sleeping bag or nest we have alternative designers for you:

    • Peter Rabbit™ by Childrensalon
    • Kissy Kissy
    • Flower Fairies™ by Childrensalon
    • Pureté Du… Bébé
    • Timberland
    • Mayoral Newborn
    • Minutus
    • Babidu
    • Nanan
    • Artesania Granlei
    • Wedoble
    • Beau Kid
    • Aden & Anais
    • Laranjinha
    • Pili Carrera
    • Lapin House
    • Sofija
    • Minutus
    • Mini Rodini
    • Pasito a Pasito
    • Naturapura

    The last thing we want to discuss about sleeping bags and nests is the colours, patterns and prints.

    For sure the choice of the colour usually depends on babies’ gender: do you have baby boy or baby girl? We have pink or blue models if need. Also, if you prefer something less standard we have black sleeping bags, or red flowers or swan print, or gold baroque patterns, or geo map patterns, or some animal embroideries (like tigers, bears, sheeps etc).

    If you would like unisex sleeping bag we have many available variants, like: beige FF logo nest, grey cotton nests, grey knitted baby bags, white sleeping bags made in cotton, knitted, padded materials, many ivory nests with small dots or other neutral prints or without prints.

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