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    Elodie Details Black 'Prince Jolly' Large Coated BibElodie Details Blue 'Apple Of My Eye' Dummy Clip (25cm)Elodie Details Blue 'Petit Royal' Large Coated Bib

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    Elodie Details Company was founded in 2006 in the Swedish city of Stockholm by Linda Sätterström. Brand creation was promoted by not only the birth of her daughter Elodie (after her name the company was called), but also the fact that, despite a rich selection of children’s accessories were monotony and limited. Her first creation was the dummy clip, which had an attractive appearance, was comfortable to use and was not lost due to its fixing to the child’s clothing. As a brand, it tends to create an atmosphere of importance in the details, and tries to make our everyday life more beautiful and fun. The designers of Elodie Details are sure that the personal style is not a question of age, but is the combination of form and functionality. The products for children made by Elodie Details can be divided into two big parts: items for a walk and means for feeding a child. The Elodie Details brand offers a variety of products for kids such as stylish bibs made from organic materials, special feeding bottles with printed images, dummy clips of different colors and designs. For babies, toddlers and infants you can find here beautiful security blankets, special stroller bags, wool hats and cotton caps, and more byElodie Details.

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