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    All parents are aware of the fact that the role of toys should not be underestimated for the development of their children, irrespective of their age. Starting from the very first days and weeks babies, toddlers, infants and children learn to perceive the surrounding world, objects in it, to a great extent they do it with the help of their favorite toys. That’s why it is so vitally important to provide safe and versatile toys during every stage of your child’s development. Sometimes parents get lost in the whole variety of the options provided in the toys’ market. B. Toys is ready to help them by their colorful and multifunctional collections of toys. Wee MD Doctor’s Kit from B. Toys would be perfect for role play of the children of any age. This set could be appropriate for one child or for several at a time, providing a lot of space for fantasy and imagination. It could have a practical function, as some of the children are afraid of doctors, but if you suggest your child being a doctor and allow him to take this kit to visit your real doctor – all the fears could be forgotten. Remote control cars are extremely popular nowadays, as they really bring a lot of fun to small and older children.

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