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    Automobili Lamborghini

    Automobili Lamborghini

    Automobili Lamborghini Children Clothes

    The history of the luxury brand Automobili Lamborghini officially started back in 1963. Despite this fact, one may recall the events that have led up to that moment, specifically the appearance of Ferruccio Lamborghini in the world of fashion. Skilled and ambitious, he became the protagonist of the company’s establishment and took part in the initial stages of its exceptional history. When Lamborghini decided to build a fabulous sports car factory, he was an extremely rich man being the founder of the tractor company, which was launched after the World War II. Back in the 1960, Ferruccio was 50 years old and therefore achieved great success in the world of business. He had a clear vision of his company and produced the best sports cars ever. In later years, specifically in 1963, he decided to establish an Automobili Lamborghini company and managed to build a contemporary factory from scratch. His company did not only produce sports cars, but also specialized in the production of “wearable” clothes. It did not take much time for the company to evolve into an iconic trademark that soon became popular throughout the world.

    In 2007, the collection of Lamborghini was presented during the fashion week in Milan, and this was the debut of his creative activity in the world of kids’ and adults’ fashion. The company achieved huge success and soon there were introduced new collections of clothes and footwear for children. The collections of Lamborghini incorporate the idea of the founder to create lifestyle clothing and accessories for the very little ones. Over the years, the company has enjoyed a rapid development and growth and soon enhanced its distribution network by selling clothes not only in Italy, but throughout the world.

    The mission of the brand is to create unusual, extraordinary and exclusive clothes of the highest quality and with much attention to detail. The brand’s products can be characterized by several adjectives, namely “truly Italian”, “uncompromising” and “edgy”. The designers of the brand are full of enthusiasm and passion and are trying to transmit the same values to their creations that are characterized with unmistakable identity. A casual yet edgy style of every piece of clothing is combined with the highest-quality materials representing a perfect mixture of exclusive design and practicality. The designers of Automobili Lamborghini believe that it is of great importance to keep the unique range of clothing and accessories updated and to reveal the search of the brand’s designers for excellence and perfection.

    Every piece of clothing is characterized by a well-thought design by a dynamic team of designers who look into the future with much determination and above all the desire to incorporate a truly Italian style in the collections of the brand. The brand’s specialists are trying to express elegance, tradition and innovativeness all at once. The fashion line offered by the Automobili Lamborghini brand is not limited to clothing, leather products and various accessories because the brand also offers various writing instruments, toy cars, travel bags and many other essential goods that are always in demand. The brand’s creations follow three basic requirements, namely to reveal personality of every child, to incorporate inherently Italian style into the collections of the brand and to ensure that every garment follows the strictest European norms of quality. These three requirements are a key to the brand’s success. The brand has long conquered the hearts of numerous parents all over the world. Choose Automobili Lamborghini to ensure that your little fashionista is dressed according to the latest trends in kids’ fashion and does not resemble any other kid. Make the right choice now!

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