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    Italian brand Armata di Mare is manufactured by Facib Spa Company that was founded in 1959. Translated from the Italian “Armata di Mare” means “Army of the sea”. The fact that the idea of creating this kid’s wear brand was born from the desire to convey the strength of spirit and character, courage and a certain lifestyle of Italian Navy sailors in clothing design, adapting it to the requirements of the modern children consumer and the latest fashion trends. Discipline, honor, and loyalty to family are the fundamental values of the fleet, which the company managed to bring in Armata di Mare children clothes. This fashion brand produces fashionable and stylish sports boys wear for all occasions. ARMATA DI MARE currently produces elegant children’s clothes for boys aged from 0 to 14 years. Simple tailoring and high quality materials of pure colors create an image of complete freedom and energy. The latest children clothes and accessories collections of the brand Armata di Mare contain a great variety of fashionable boys’ wear including striped polo tops, stylish shirts, knitwear jumpers, trendy coats, zip-up cardigans, classic shorts, jeans and cotton trousers, a number of accessories such as belts and caps and many other fashionable items. The brand Armata di Mare is among the leading producers of exclusive boys’ wear in the world.

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