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    Anne Kurris is a Belgian girls fashion brand founded by a widely known graphic and fashion designer Anne Kurris. In 1998 Anne Kurris launched her first collection of kid’s clothes. She was inspired by nature and pop art for the creation of her designs of kid’s clothes and accessories. Her collections for girls are characterized by a supreme combination of bright colors and original graphic designs. Clothes collections of this brand are supplied to all world fashion capitals such as London, Paris, New York, and Arab Emirates. Children clothes from Anne Kurris always stand out unusual, beautiful, and most importantly the distinctive designs. The kid’s wear by Anne Kurris is distinguished by its beautiful and exquisite prints. The flower and animal prints, bright colour combinations are the major motive of her fashion kid’s clothes. Parents highly value her creative ideas, which are reflected in designs of girls clothing. Children clothes should be beautiful, practical and comfortable, and Anne Kurris confidently adhere to these unspoken rules. Her collection includes items for girls and boys from 2 to 14 years. You can find there cotton digitally printed t-shirts, shirts, lurex dresses and skirts, tops, wool hats and scarves, silk trousers. Kid’s clothes of this brand have a distinctive quality and always follow the fashion trends. 

    Close to nature, bright, stylish are the collections of the children clothing, presented by Anne Kuris. The combination of bright and pale colors is perfect for creating spring and summer moods for our small ladies and gentlemen. The dresses from this collection provide the possibility to create a feminine and smart image for your girl for her special occasion. Tender combinations of various types of materials, velvet and gold-tone faux-collar contribute to originality and fresh design ideas, introduced into the garments. Lurex thread dress of pale pink color with bright velvet inserts looks like a real masterpiece, it could be worn during cold weather thanks to the usage of heavy weight fabrics. The spirit of coming spring is brought by bright trousers with unusual parrots’ print. They are not demanding and could be worn with most of the tops from your girl’s wardrobe, contributing to creation of a smart and stylish image for warmer weather.

    If your child adores bugs and the company – pay attention to the navy-blue long-sleeved t-shirt from Anne Kurris. It would serve a perfect addition to denim trousers or shorts for a versatile look. The original print would guarantee that your child will be in the center of attention.

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