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    Famous ALETTA brand of children clothes was founded in 1975. Aletta trade mark that has more than 40 years history in the manufacture of children’s clothing concerns children’s fashion as seriously as the legendary fashion houses concern their couture creations.

    The motto of the brand and its concept are small children, their style and interests. Impeccable workmanship and materials, attention and love to details, using innovations and manufacturing of all kids clothing and accessories only in Italy became part of ALETTA company’s philosophy. 

    Aletta develops and manufactures clothes for children from babies, infants, toddlers to 12 years old boys and girls. Besides seasonal division Aletta’s kids collections are most often classified by age groups: infants from birth to 1.5 years, boys and girls up to 12 years, and there is also a special collection «COUTURE» offering holidays and elegant dresses for girls from 4 to 12 years. All Aletta children clothes are elegant and stylish, and their high quality is reflected in almost every detail from the impeccable cut and fine fabrics to quality tailoring at all stages of production. These are an advanced technology, Italian tailoring, soft fabrics and attention to details that are unchanged components of Aletta children clothing, which principle is to invest in a product something more than just good taste.

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    For sure, the period between the newborn baby and at least up to 3 years old is the most important for the child’s health. During these years parents can face with different allergic reactions, with thermoregulation problems, with hyper salivations and many others. You will be surprised but many of these problems can be solved only with high quality and comfortable baby clothes and accessories. Aletta uses only natural materials, like eco-cotton for most of the baby wear and accessories. This can protect from allergy, can help to keep the child dry in hot weather and warm when its cold, well designed bibs can help to protect a child when he is eating or when he has a teething period. Even minor details may become extremely important when you design baby, toddler, infant apparel and Aletta designers know it very well.

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