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    During cold period of the year, there is often a problem, how to secure warmth for faces of our children. The company Airhole, which was initially founded by Canadian duo and professional snowboarders Kate Stephens and Chris Brown, managed to gain popularity via introducing originally designed and printed face masks for children. All children adore original and cool prints on their clothing, if yours are not an exception, then you are welcome to browse the great collection of high quality face masks, which were made with signature hole for breathing with technical materials.  Most of the parents are aware of the fact that it is vitally important to maintain the temperature of the kid’s neck, in order to guarantee healthy outcomes of your child’s activity. The best way to do it is to choose the full protection from Airhole – the kid mask, which is made of anti-bacterial fabric, which is another serious advantage, often not considered preliminary by most parents. Some styles have fleecy lining, which adds warmth and comfort for a child. Airhole masks have the easy to fasten velcro fastening. The choice of prints would for sure satisfy the highest demands of any kid and make the winter an absolute fun for your children.

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