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    Prints nowadays are on the peak of their popularity, thus clothing for both adults and children is made with consideration of this modern tendency. Stylish and original print designs could be found by Scottish design duo under the brand Abandon Ship Apparel. Apart of cool prints, the children clothing by this designer could be appreciated for its comfort and originality. Boys jersey trousers with bright colored prints would be for sure adored by active and sportive teenagers, to be worn with a long-sleeved or short-sleeved t-shirt and trainers of the corresponding color. The draw string in the waist contributes to perfect fitting of the trousers to any type of child figure. There is an option of stylish kids t-shirts by Abandon Ship Apparel as well. Those of classical white color with black logo print would be multifunctional for your child and well-compatible with most of his other clothing, irrespective of the style he prefers. Symbolic are the boys t-shirts with a ‘Hand of God’ print, originally designed by Abandon Ship Apparel and looking stylish and modern, they would for sure become the most often put on among other clothing pieces of your child. Fabric composition is another sufficient advantage of this kids wear designer – Abandon Ship Apparel.

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