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Young Versace Baby Boys Blue Cotton Romper  Young Versace Tartan Studded Cotton Dress  Young Versace Baby Boys Cotton Hooded Romper

Young Versace Ivory Baroque Dress  Young Versace Baby Girls Cotton Tartan Jacket  Young Versace Girls Purple Leather Shoes

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Brands with the world famous names are increasingly trying to show themselves in creating lines of clothing for children. What should children wear so that they could look better than all others is the question that was taking the mind of creators of the famous trademark Versace while creating the line Young Versace. The main tendency of the latest seasons in the children’s fashion is the repetition of the adult details of clothing. Young Versace is classically laconic. Most of the clothes are made in the restrained style of London. Manufacture of clothing is adapted to the fact that these products are still produced for the children. Materials are carefully selected and cut of the models takes into account the mobility of their young owners. The Italian fashion house sees children as incredible fashionistas not less than their mother and fathers. Taste for luxury, as it is appropriately considered by the fashion house of Versace, should be present in children from the very childhood. All of the recognisable trends of season and key moments of this fashion house are present in the collection of Young Versace: stylish trench coats, quilted jackets, dresses and skirts made of soft jersey. This brand leaves nobody indifferent.

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