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Suzanne Ermann Neon Orange Netting Dress  Suzanne Ermann Pink Satin Long Dress With Tulle  Suzanne Ermann Black Tulle Dress

Suzanne Ermann Black Taffeta and Tulle Dress  Suzanne Ermann Ivory 'Oui' Dress with Black Ribbon  Suzanne Ermann Navy Blue Taffeta Shoulder Bag

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Already world famous for her collections of wedding and evening dresses French designer Suzanne Ermann launched her girls’s clothes line in 2010. Suzanne Ermann Enfant girls clothes are for girls from 2 to 14 who enjoy dressing and having fun. Suzanne Ermann has imagined a host of ‘classic with a modern twist’ style dresses with structured shapes in satin, underlined with ruches stitched with multicolored marbles, or with Lamé details. Satin, velvet, flocked tulle, stitched or hand painted, manufactured by craftsmen in the North of France, all explore outlined high-waists, small sleeves, transparencies. Suzanne Ermann’s collection, inspired by the festive and muffled atmosphere of the roaring twenties’ palaces, revisits this period mood: shapes, luxurious materials with Parisian elegance. Empire or low-waist dresses with puffed or raglan sleeves flirt with the most precious fabrics: flowered flocked tulles, turquoise, amethyst or silver lamés, powdered pink taffeta with muslin tulles and silky crepes. Dresses with signature style of pleats, hoops and famous curls that come to life at the slightest motion are complemented with amazing hair accessories and fantastic bags. Suzanne Ermann children clothes are suitable for special occasions, such as birthday parties, christenings, weddings, and other events.

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