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Rachel Riley Ivory Princess Crown Print Dress  Rachel Riley Pony Skin Leopard Slippers  Rachel Riley Ivory Prince Crown Print Babygrow

Rachel Riley Ivory Pram Print Dress  Rachel Riley Ivory Pram Print Babygrow  Rachel Riley Ivory Pram Emblem Shortie

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Inspired by her mother’s embroidery and dress making, Rachel Riley created her remarkably unique children’s clothes British label in 1994 by setting up a traditional atelier in her attic. The first fashion store of the Rachel Riley trademark saw the world of kids’ fashion back in 2005. The first collection was designed for kids from newborn to 14 years for girls and boys. Rachel’s design philosophy is rooted in her traditional lifestyle and draws inspiration from the forties, fifties and sixties with fine tailoring, beautiful hand smocking and embroidery, vintage-inspired prints designed and exclusive to Rachel Riley. Her collection is an expression of her own rural idyll. Today, the company manufactures various items of lady’s, baby clothes and clothing for youngsters that are characterized by a trendsetting and high-class design and comfortable styling. Traditionally inspired, each collection of custom-made outfits for everyday or special occasions is made for modern living, using classic techniques and gorgeous fabrics to create fabulous pieces of clothing, footwear and accessories. She continues to cut her own patterns, hand-sews, knits and embroiders samples herself. The Rachel Riley collection ties the craft of fine tailoring and needlework with the skill of the seamstress and pattern-cutter. 

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